We Are Passionate About Our Passion Vine (Cheesy? Yeah.)

We bought some tiny Passion Vine plugs at the beginning of the season for 99 cents a piece.  If they lived fine, if not we were going to be out 2 whole dollars.  Well they have lived and are thriving.  The vines that we bought at maybe 6 inches are now running over the top of our 6 foot fence.  Blooms began to show up the past couple of weeks but they had yet to open.

Until today!

Passion Vine Bloom

James went home for lunch and took a picture for me, just in case something happens to the flower before I get home from work.  He knew I would be PISSED if I missed it. 

Passion Vine Bloom and leaves

In the side view you can really see all the layers of this flower and this is what I am drawn to.  They are so different and so beautiful.  Alien-like at times.

In this view you can also see that the leaves have been chewed on quite a bit.  Our passion vine houses two very fast growing caterpillars.  We decided to leave them and let them have a constant food source.  I’ve enjoyed watching them grow and hope to catch them in their cocoon.

5 thoughts on “We Are Passionate About Our Passion Vine (Cheesy? Yeah.)”

  1. Congratulations, you now have a gulf fritillary butterfly factory. that’s what those caterpillars are. Glad you are letting them stay the butterfly is beautiful.

  2. @deb – your right. We went searchin’ the net yesterday and Shala stumbled across the gulf fritillary. Sure enough.

    And the funny thing is we had seen the butterflies a couple days before (and you are right – awesome color).

  3. That’s a beautiful flower, I’ll have to remember it when we’re able to plant flowers…even through I’ll probably kill it.

  4. What a great 2 bucks worth!
    That’s a lovely flower and I’m happy to hear you’re supporting the butterfly population with its plant. Enjoy the cocoons!

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