We Cheated… On Valentine’s Day.

We were out early V-Day morning and found some tulips at a good price.  Shala has wanted tulips  and we just haven’t made it happen.  Well we made it happen Saturday.  We cheated… we let someone else do all the hard work – we will take it form here…

Tulips planted in wine barrel.

Also, we picked up some onions while we were out – and started them inside with all the other plants.

Onions planted indoors.

We have lots of new stuff popping up, and Shala has a new gardening toy she can’t wait to share with everyone.  I will save that for her to spill the beans on.  That could be a pun couldn’t it… I have to remember that one when we are planting pole beans or something.

Happy Late Valentine’s Day to everyone.  Hope you got to spend it with someone you care about.

3 thoughts on “We Cheated… On Valentine’s Day.”

  1. Oh, I do envy you your sprouting goodies there! Nothing wrong with getting tulips that have had a \”head start!\”. I also see a glass of red wine on the new work/planting table…so ENJOY!

    I received a dozen red roses, a small box of chocolates and an engagement ring for Valentine\’s Day, so life is good even if I can\’t start seeds quite yet! 🙂 We\’ve been together 10 years and he said the \”interview was over\” so I guess I got the job.

  2. @Heidi – congrats on “getting the job”. It is a job. haha Ask Shala.

    @Melanthia – Welcome first-timer. Technically, from this point forward we will be doing all the rest of the work – so it isn’t that much cheating right? h aha

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