What A Difference Some Mulch Makes

Many of you know we started putting mulch (organic humus) down this past week and got one of the 1/4’s done.  Well this past weekend we finished up the job.  We purchased 15 bags of humus to lay down in the garden and give these plants some relief from the heat and lack of rain lately.  We are hoping this will boost their growth and get everything going 100%.

The bad thing about doing the mulch…  well the work part of it of course.  😉

Don’t you wish you could just come home with 15 – 40# bags of humus and snap your fingers and they were spread evenly throughout your garden?  Us too.  However, in order for that to happen we had to be the ones to get it spread out evenly… no snapping involved.  We started this project on Saturday around lunchtime and it took about 30-40 minutes to get it all strung out and done.

The coolest part was the fact that about the time we finished spreading it all out, we got a much needed rain. 

Perfect timing… perfect vision.

So you want to see pictures of it don’t you… because you love pictures and you love to see other gardens and you love us…  we don’t blame you.  haha  Enjoy the pics.


Backyard Garden prior to mulching.

And after…

Backyard Garden After Mulching.

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