Wienerschnitzel Comes Through

I didn’t let anyone know, but shortly after writing my post about our trip to the new Odessa Wienerschnitzel – I was contacted by a marketing rep from the company that owns Wienerschnitzel.  The Galardi Group owns Wienerschnitzel, Tastee Freez & Hamburger Stand.  The person that contacted me said they loved my blog post, they were sorry for there be such a long wait… and of course because the food wasn’t all that great.  They said it was likely because it was new, but it should be better next time. 

Yesterday I checked my mailbox and saw a letter from the Galardi Group in there – popped it open and here is what I found…

Wienerschitzel Coupons

I thought it was a cool gesture, actually very cool and just for those of you wondering what it is… 4 free kid’s soft serve cone coupons & 4 coupons for free combo meals basically.  And a letter thanking me and hoping that I would remain their friends.  Ok – maybe it didn’t say that – but something to that effect. 

See – there is still people out there that care what you think.  Everyone give a big clap for Wienerschnitzel for this one!  Also, thanks again Galardi Group for your kind gesture.

3 thoughts on “Wienerschnitzel Comes Through”

  1. Well, I caught up again today. Been a busy week with no let up in sight. I like the wienny story and glad you got the coupons. The wheelbarrow is awesome! Remind me to tell you about my “customized” bicycle some time.

  2. That’s pretty awesome. I think that is karma coming back to you to give you back something-the extra pounds you lost. Think twice before you use those free coupons to wait in line for another couple hours of your life that you won’t get back. 🙂

  3. hehe – better not be those pounds coming back 😉

    Actually this week is kickin’ my butt… I’m afraid this is going to be a positive week, and I mean on the scale – not in the cosmic way.

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