Wonderful Windy West Texas Weather

The chaotic weather started Wednesday night with a big storm bringing lots of rain and some hail to pelt our poor little baby plants.  My hope was that yesterday the sun would shine and they would all be fine, but I soon realized that that wasn’t going to be a reality. 

Instead of warm sunshine we had a horrible wind storm complete with fallen limbs and a brown dirty sky.  Sitting at work all I could think about were our poor plants having to go through another obsticle so early in their lives.

As soon as I got home before even changing out of my work clothes I went outside with the camera in hand to see what damage had been done. 

The first thing I noticed was our flag whipping in the wind.  You can see the nasty brown sky in the background.  Keep in mind this was at 4:30 in the afternoon so there is no reason for the sky to be that dark.

Windy Flag

This is what I found laying in our garden.  Thankfully it landed on the watermelon and cantelope which we planted from seed and have yet to break the surface.

Limb in the garden

I didn’t get a picture of the plants but I am pretty sure that the cucumber, squash and a couple of tomato plants aren’t going to survive.  They were just too small to survive and I feel like a horrible mother

After checking around the garden and sheading a few tears I headed over to the side of the house.  Remember those pretty purple and white flowers that I posted yesterday? Well this is what they look like now.

Centaurea in the wind

Fortunatly there are a couple of new blooms forming, so they should be pretty again pretty soon.

I also snapped a picture of our Red Oleander bush that normally stands up pretty straight.  It is still a baby too, but its big and hardy enough to survive the winds.

Red Oleander in the wind

I’m going to try my best to nurse all of the wounded plants back to health, but the ones that we can’t save we will plant again.  I’m determined to have a nice garden!

Bonus picture:

Izzy just because she is cute.  She was pretty pissed off about the wind too and after letting them inside I had to push her back out to take a potty break.  She just wasn’t that into it.


4 thoughts on “Wonderful Windy West Texas Weather”

  1. one of the few things i dont miss about living out there is the damn wind.

    it gets windy here as well but its not as often and theres not nearly the dirt.

  2. @ghost – I wanna take all this wind and bottle it up and sell it to someplace that needs afternoon breezes.

    @Megan – It is new as of last week. SO yeah new. And Thanks. Still trying to settle in on a style and what not. A constant work in progress I guess

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