American Idol Review:The Best??

Is anyone else watching American Idol?  Are these 24 singers really the best that America has to offer?

I do realize that these are just ordinary people and some of them have never performed.  I give them all credit for trying to follow their dreams and I’m sure that it is so nerve racking to get up on that stage knowing that America is watching.  BUT… does anyone remember the first time, for example, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry graced that stage?  It was like they were doing what they were born to do. 

Every year I get frustrated with the top 24 and can’t help but think about all those millions that didn’t make it.  Surely somewhere in all those millions there are some better contestants than what we have seen over the past two nights.

I really hope that they start getting better and that someone just blows me away.  So far I do have a couple of favorites, but no one yet that I can honestly say THAT is MY American Idol.

Who are your favorites?  Does anyone watch this show anymore?

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