Bissell Flip It Product Review

Bissell Flip It Product ReviewsOur entire house is either laminate flooring or tile.  Let me say again the ENTIRE house!  When the floor is clean it is so pretty and I love it, but keeping it clean and pretty is a whole other story.

The kitchen floor seriously makes me want to cry sometimes.  It is the worst and it has absolutely nothing to do with James and I cooking and eating in there, but has everything to do with the two dogs that we decided to co-exist with.  Our backdoor leads directly into the kitchen and when the dogs come in they bring in an insane amount of dry grass and dirt.  The sweeping and mopping was becoming the dreaded task of the house and even though I have a wonderful husband who willingly helps it was still quiet a task for the both of us.

My sister had recommended the Bissell Flip It and since she has 4 kids I figured she would have a pretty good idea about cleaning products.  I got online and read some reviews and like most reviews they were mixed.  After about three and a half months of using a broom, mop and mop bucket I decided that I would give anything a shot.

After buying it we immediately assembled it and used it.  Since we didn’t read the directions the first attempt wasn’t that great, but after going over them it all made sense and I have to say that I am extremely happy with it.

 For those of you that don’t know what a Flip It is, its a vacuum of sorts for hard floors (wood, laminate, tile, concrete, etc).  One side is a dry vacuum to do the sweeping for you and you flip it over for the wet side which does the mopping.

Some of the bad reviews stated that their Flip It leaked a little out of the clean water reservoir and ours does the same thing.  When you have water in any sort of container and are sloshing it around it has a tendency to leak a little.  I will find a drop here and there but nothing significant enough for me to not be absolutely thrilled with our purchase. 

Our sweeping and mopping time has been cut in half if not more than that and it gets done a lot more often, with a lot less complaints. 

If you have large areas without carpet I would definitely look into it.  Check out the Bissell website to read more about the Bissell Flip It.

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