Sharing Our Friends With You

We like to share… that is what our mothers taught us.  Share & share alike.  Right?

So when it comes to blogs… err garden blogs, we like to share articles that caught our eye and hope to help the other folks gain a bit of traffic in the process.

We saw Deb over at Aunt Debbi’s Garden had posted a good set of composting tips… so we had to share.

If you have a minute, head over to Aunt Debbi’s Garden Blog and check out 12 Compost Tips.

Also… be sure to check these sites/posts out as well from our friends & fellow bloggers:

Garden Related

Outerbanks Mom – how can you go wrong with baby ducks?

What To Do With Blooming Tomatoes – over @ Compostings there are lots of great posts, check this one out.

Tiny Farm Blog – I just wish we could do what they are doing… one day… maybe one day.

Garden Mandy – lots of good organic gardening, green living and other greenie info.

Angie at Bloom – another regular, and she has some good pics of growing veggies in her garden.

Skippy’s Garden Blog – if you haven’t checked out this garden master… your snoozin’.

One Less Eyesore – Megan @ Nestmaker shows us how to make that chain-link fence dissapear.

Dahlia Gardenering – check this post over @ Not So Crafty, great pics… awesome pics really.

Garden of Eatin’ – who doesn’t love the name to begin with, some great pictures & goodies to enjoy.

Heidi at Garden Blog 2008 – Heidi is a regular over here at Double D and we are at her’s as well.

Non Garden Related

Mama’s Losin’ It – she hasn’t completely lost it, but she is well on her way.  A funny Mommy blog.

Matt McGee – this guy is a blogging guru and puts us all to shame.

Your Photo Tips – damien puts together tips for us wannabe photogs… be sure to spend a lil time over there if you can.

Music Goat – who knows music better than the goat?  Few, that is who.  If you want an awesome music podcast – head over.

The Art of Nonconformity – Chris travels all around the world and shares his stories along with daily goods as well, worth the read of course.

Do you want to be shared with the masses?  What are you waiting for… shoot us an email or leave a comment and we will get you up here.  Be sure to share this post with your friends as well, get them to link and so on… lets make a bit linky mess.

8 thoughts on “Sharing Our Friends With You”

  1. Wow! Thanks for including me in that very distinguished list of Gardening friends. I have checked out the other blogs and they all put me to shame! But perhaps I’ll learn something along the way.

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the linky love guys. I certainly am not much of a gardner…and by “much” I mean “not even a little bit and I think I just killed the one potted plant I own” but I HAVE been thinking of starting a compost pile in the name of being green. So thanks for that link!!

  3. @Kathy (MLI) – well, the cool thing is you don’t have to be a gardener to be cool! At least in our books. 😉

    You could definitely do the compost pile and donate that black gold to someone with a garden or start using it yourself. It is easy and with you guys cooking all the time… I’m sure you could get it going quick.

  4. Hey Guys, thanks for sharin’! You guys are like the Share Bear of the Care Bears! I’m honored that you listed my little blog and I’m tickled that you listed so many others, especially the photog blogs. I can’t wait to check them all out!
    You guys rock, thanks again!

  5. @Angie – we will take the “Share Bear” comment as a compliment… we think?!? haha Your welcome, hopefully everyone can enjoy some new goods to read.

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