Dear Liam


Dear Liam,

For a few weeks you have been asking for a movie night and to sleep in our bed.  Since you never get to sleep with us this is such a big deal to you, so this last weekend we did just that.  We snuggled into our bed with popcorn and watched Inside Out, a favorite for all of us and turned out to be a very fitting movie for this time in our lives.

After the movie was over Mila started moving and kicking a lot (as she often does at bed time) and you put your sweet little hands and face on my belly and laughed as she rolled and kicked you.  As you were laughing and talking to her I laid there with tears rolling down my face.  My heart has never felt so full of love.

We are all so excited for your little sister to be here, but I can’t help but be a little sad.  Your Dad and I have loved every second of the past 5 1/2 years that you were an only child.  You will always be the one that made me a Mama and taught me what unconditional love truly means.  We have spent countless hours just the two of us, doing nothing and doing everything.  Since you started school I have missed our time so much and the weekends mean so much more to all of us now.  You are always ready to do something fun and view every outing as an adventure.  I hope your sister has this same adventurous spirit, because she will be taken along regardless. ha

Please never forget how much we love you and how much you changed our lives for the better the minute we knew you were on your way.  I promise to take some time outs for just me and you and will do my best to be a good Mama of two.

I love you my sweet first born.


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