How About A Contest? You Know… FREE STUFF!

Everyone likes free stuff, everyone wishes they could wake up on a Thursday morning and someone would give them free stuff.  Right?

Well… welcome to Thursday morning.

Now, we aren’t going to just give you guys free stuff just for waking up, you have to do a bit of legwork… not much though.  Not much at all.

There are actually a few ways you guys can win.  So here goes nothing…

Win 8 FREE songs from iTunes!

1.  Leave a comment here in this blog post and you are automatically entered into the drawing, only one comment though.  Yup, free freakin’ music for a comment.  Of course you can use them or your friends or whatever… but regardless you will have 8 songs from iTunes to download and use to your hearts content if your name is selected.  Cool eh?

2.  Add us to your blogroll or links in some way, shape or form and you will be entered a second time into the drawing.  Just for a link people… you link to our blog/website… you get a chance to win 8 songs from iTunes.  Awesome.  Only good for one entry – so don’t be trying to link to us 9 times on your blog.  If you already have us on your blogroll… just let us know via comment and your already in!  *hi-5*

Win an Aqua Globe! & 20$ Target Giftcard!

1.  This one isn’t an simple as the others, we are needing some help with a new tagline for our header, but we want you guys to be creative.  We want you to take a piece of paper or print something out… whatever your tagline suggestion is and take a picture of it in your garden or somewhere creative.  Post it on your blog or send it to us via email ( and we will post it with the rest of them at the end of the contest.  Remember, be creative.  This one will be fun for everyone… as long as you make it fun.  You can write it down, use construction paper… do it with freakin’ macaroni if you want… whatever you think will seal the deal.   If you don’t have a garden to take the picture in… use your BBQ grill… or a landmark in your city… your kids… something funny – you know how we roll.  Just make it fun & creative.  Hell, you could take the picture in your office with a potted plant… we don’t care.  We will draw a winner out of all those that submit a picture, since we really can’t say who’s more creative than the next… and the winner will be sent a FREE aqua globe.  

2.  The best tagline (determined by us) will be featured up top in our header until the next contest.  We will also give you credit… of course.  When the contest ends, we will post all the entries with links to your blogs (if you have one) and give everyone the respect they deserve.  Oh… did we mention we will give you a $20 gift card to Target?  😉  Just because we love you.  And your funny and write funny tag lines.

So get started… get going.  This contest will end August 18th.  We will post the winners that week and ship out the goods that week as well.  We would like to thank my Mother (Dianne) for donating a few items for this contest, that’s what Mom’s do sometimes… they donate to your internets-web-blogtastic-super-contest-spectacular.  Thanks Mom.

We would also like to thank Kathy over at Mama’s Losin’ It, she inspired us a while back and helped us a bit on coming up with ideas.  If you don’t read her, why not!?!?  She is funny and worth a daily read.  Get over there.

So get started already. 

If anyone has any quetions, feel free to ask.  Also… if you have a minute, share this contest on your blog.  We want as many folks involved as possible.  This is the first of many contests – so the more you spread the word, the more we are able to do these things.

16 thoughts on “How About A Contest? You Know… FREE STUFF!”

  1. I don’t want any iTunes songs. I’m holding out until they release their music without DRM!

    Hey, what did you expect?

    I never mind leaving comments though!

  2. ok, so i’m assuming that this is my second entry for free music – since i’ve been blogrolling you before you even had a site… right?

    Also – the tagline – i’ve got it nailed, so don’t worry about it.

  3. @everyone – welcome aboard.

    @Kristi – growing good… I think we should have a few to pull this next week. Probably have about 10 more on the vine now.

  4. So I don’t know how to use iTunes so….I really just wanted to tell you that I like your blog. I found you through Mama Kat & I’m glad I did. Interesting.

  5. @Casey – thanks for stopping by… giveaways/contests… rock the world.

    @Bridgette – Thanks for coming and seeing us. Hope you come by often.

    @Randi – If you win the iTunes, perhaps you could use them in your own contest?!? Glad you stopped by and I hope you are a lifelong customer… err reader now.

    @My First Kitchen – very unique, and your site is awesome. Hope to see you stop in every once in a while.

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  7. Hey James, you’re already featured on our Favorite Sites page (a.k.a. blogroll). I’m trying to compile a fairly complete list of all Basin-area bloggers.

    I’m not usually slogan-gifted, but here’s a couple of ideas to chew on:

    “Double Danger: Half gardening, half barbeque, totally dangerous!”

    “Double Danger: Half yard, half charred”

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