The Life & Times of Double Danger

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Moving on…

So we have kind of kept our personal lives (minus the gardening and constant BBQs of course) under wraps, however we like you guys and gals… so we are planning on sharing more and more as our blog grows.  Aren’t you special.  We promise to not fill our blog with constant posts about drama and nonsense… wait, we can’t promise the nonsense part.  There is a lot of nonsense in our lives at all time.  So you will have to deal with that.  We wanted to catch you guys up on what is going on currently in the life & times of Double Danger and some things coming down the pipe as well.

When Your House Is Not A Home

Many of you know we moved into our new house last November.  It was our first house and we loved it.  Still do.  Big backyard, which you have seen all the stuff we have going on back there… big kitchen… nice floors, HUGE master bath with an even HUGE-R (is that a word?) closet.  Great neighborhood.  Good schools.  All that crap.

Well, this past couple months we were basically told that the school directly across the street (we will not name that Christian private school because we are still talking) is planning on buying our block (facing and behind) and expanding the school.  Actually they want to build a parking lot.  A freakin’ parking lot.

We immediately freaked out a bit, then of course we got mad… then we started planning and accepting it.  Now for most of the block… this is a great move.  They have lived there for 10 years and are going to make 100k or more.  For us though, we have almost zero equity and were not planning on moving anytime soon so we have zero dollars for down payments and all that jazz.  Dumb of us, but still – who would have thunk it eh?

So now we are living in a house we know is basically not our home and we don’t want to do any improvements, hell it takes a lot to go out in the garden every day and make sure things are on the up and up.  Here we sit.  All that work on the backyard and they are going to “pave paradise, put up a parking lot”.  Only in the movies right?

We are in the early stages of negotiation, hopefully we will come out in a good place.  And don’t tell us… OH YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE A KILLING OFF THIS… it isn’t like that.  We wish it was.

No Country For Nerdy Men

Next weekend if your computer goes down, if your website will not let you comment… or you stats aren’t working – it is because it is that time of year again.  Nerds Unplugged is this coming Friday-Monday (Aug 15th-18th).  What is Nerds Unplugged?  A drunken good time, that is what.  haha

Nerds Unplugged is something that a few friends started about 4 years ago where they could get together – leave all the technology, code, software and broken printers of the world behind and relax.  This is the 4th year of Nerds Unplugged and we have grown 3 fold as far as how many people that are going.  Nerds tell their nerdy friends… then they tell their nerdy friends and here we are.  Nerds are like that.

So basically we spend the weekend on the lake… skiiing, wakeboarding, tube-ing, fishing, drinking and having a good time.  Late nights of poker playing, more drinking, lots of geek-talk and good food.  Lots of good friends and networking goes on and by the end we all feel ready to face the world of chaos that has gone on while we were gone.  Can you image what happens when you take all the world’s geeks are on vacation?  Ok – maybe not the entire world… but just the ones in our group. 

While we are gone, Shala is headed to her Grandmother’s to spend some quality time with her G-ma and also her cousin and her kids.  Once again, good food and good family and good times.  Oh… and her cousin, Charli, just started her own blog – check it out fellow bloggers (specially you ladies) and give her the support she needs to be one of “us”.  You know how hard it is to keep going when you first start out.  Check her out at Charli’s Bunch.

Cruise In T-minus 73 Days

Did we mention we are going on a cruise?  How did we fail to mention something as kickass as that?  Guess we have been too busy gettin’ kicked out of our house. 😉  Yup, October we will fly into Ft. Lauderdale – stay at the following place: Tropi Rock Resort.  We will stay there a night and then we are off on our cruise out of Miami.  We are cruisin’ with Carnival, because we are fun people that need a fun ship.  Or something.

Our cruise will take us to a few stops in the Bahamas and then also Turks & Caicos.  Then we will spend our time on beaches humping sting rays and trying not to get arrested for it.  Wait, that is how I will spend my time… everyone else will likely spend their time trying to pull me off the sting rays, or vice versa and keeping me from getting arrested in a foriegn country.  Should be fun right?  haha

Only kidding.  Half of that is true.  I do like sting rays.  I think.  But we can’t wait to get out there and snorkel and have a blast on the ship between ports.  Casinos… lounges… sun, pool, shopping for the ladies…  sign me up.  Oh and I’m freakin’ climbin’ that rockwall from the commercials.  Por favor believe it.

Just wanted to share with you, we are excited and ready to go.

Ok – so you should be caught up I think.  At least enough for us to tell you more in the future and you not be lost going…

“what do they mean sting rays?  humping what?”

You know what were saying.  😉  Hope everyone has a safe & awesome weekend.  Anyone else have some good stuff going on, or bad stuff that they want to share… do so in the comments.  And go get involved in the contest, share if you can or will.

6 thoughts on “The Life & Times of Double Danger”

  1. That sucks about your house man. Well, at least if there are things you don’t like about it, you can …. wait… at least it isn’t due to foreclosure like so many others…no wait… look at the bright side, at least…heck, I don’t know what I’m sayin but I feel for ya. I bought my house in November 2006, also my first. Even though it was a great deal, I wish we had gotten something cheaper, with a lower monthly payment. My credit isn’t that great so I can’t even re-fi right now and I’ve got an ARM that’s about to kick in. Oh well, that’s life, right?

    Your Nerds Unplugged sounds like a great time, reminds me of a country song about partying on the lake with all your friends.

    I’m so jealous that you guys are going on a cruise! I did that a hundred years ago when I was 17, had the time of my life!!!! Would love to go again but I’m poor so I won’t be doing that any time soon. Oh well, that’s life, right?


  2. @Angie – You hit it on the head… you really don’t know what to say in this situation. Oh well…

    We are defintely ready for both the cruise and I’m ready for NU4 as well.

    @KateinNJ – We hope it all works out too… we are working hard to be sure of it.

  3. Thanks for your warm welcome to Blotanical.

    So sorry to hear the news about your place…but at least you learned before you did too much to it. As for the garden, well, I can feel that pain–all the gardening I’ve done the last ten years has been on six different rental properties (divisions of the perennials come along for each move), and it is a pain not being able to put down deeper roots.

    Just think of your gardening adventures this year as practice for your future garden– and how wonderful things will be there for all the time gardening here!!

    Enjoy your August and good luck with the negotiations. A parking lot…sweet Jesus on a bicycle!

  4. Wow, so sorry to hear about the unplanned move. After all you’ve done on your garden, that must be a blow. I think a lot about this investment I make in putting things into the ground, and how it makes me feel anchored to this spot in a way I otherwise wouldn’t be. And now they’re paving over it all?
    Hope you find a great new place to continue on. You’re going to have to bring as much as possible from the garden.

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