All Alone: Sleep Texting

So Shala left yesterday to go be with her cousin and their new baby (Congrats) – so she is out of town until Sunday.  I can’t remember the last time I was the one left at home to suffer while home alone.  Most will laugh at how dumb this all sounds and how they are sure I am running around in my underwear sliding across the floor like a pre-Scientology Tom Cruise.  Laugh it up… at my expense of course.

Shala is my partner in crime, my buddy – my best friend.  When one of us is gone, it is like (well at least for me it is) I’ve lost a leg and I am just spinning around in circles.  Kind of a cool visual.  Last night I sat down thinking I could let this time be used productively by creating some content for the site… sprucing it up and such.  Man – it just wasn’t flowing.  Have I lost it, since she is gone?  Had me worried.

So… I stumbled around the internet for a while, calling her about ever hour or so… “just wondering how you were doing”.  haha… what a putz.  Finally I head to bed, rather early and hope that I can put this day behind me.

I called her before bed and got no answer, so I left a message and told her that she could call, I would likely be up for a bit longer anyhow.  She didn’t have her phone around, so later she text’d me asking…

“U asleep?”

I was asleep, but I must have heard the chime or something… a few minutes later (I assume) I grabbed the phone and tried my best to find the message.  I suppose I was kinda sleep-texting… because I bet it took me 20 minutes to type a few words and then send it.

‘Shala called me back and said… 

“Were you asleep?”

“Yeah” – I said.

“What did you text me?   It didn’t make sense.”

“What do you mean?”

“It said… ”

“I just got thtroat.”

No… that wasn’t a misspelling… in fact I have no clue what that really meant or what I was trying to say at all.  Thtroat is like nothing I have ever heard of.  I guess I might have been saying… “I just got through”, since she just woke me up… I suppose my mind was like, yeah I just got through sleeping.  Maybe I was dreaming of fishing and had just got trout?  Or maybe a dream where I was being created from various random parts and I just got a throat.  Hell… who knows.

I have always been a sleep-walker… but now a sleep-texter.  This can’t be good.

The word of the day…  Thtroat.  I dare you to try and use it in a sentence.

8 thoughts on “All Alone: Sleep Texting”

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  2. This is so sweet and hilarious. I like to drink + text, which results in some pretty incoherent messages, and I like to get all argumentative and non-sensical when falling asleep (so I’m told anyway), but I’ve never combined the two. That I know of. I’ll probably start now.

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  5. I thought sleep texting was crazy myself. however, lately since i have a boyfriend who lives 2 hours away we text before bed and say goodnight. well i said goodnight at 12:30 and went to bed. woke up the next morning and started cooking lunch because he was coming over later. when he got here he said “what were you watching last night” and i said “what do you mean? I went right to bed.” So he said “you sent me a message at 2 am saying something about a show or something.” Well i didn’t believe him so i opened my sent messages and there it was : 2 am “off joe onebody on :-)c . want yo” That’s what i texted, it makes no sense and i have no recollection of it. i’m worried now that i may have done this before or will in the future…

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