Welcome MyWestTexans! Hitting The Big Time Pt. 2

So I (James) was interviewed by another paper yesterday, this time locally by our very own Midland Reporter Telegram.  They must have seen the interview in the Austin paper or read it online, but regardless they felt the urge to write a similar article but based around me only.

Fair enough eh?

You going to link the website?!? (That might decide my answer these days more than anything)

Sure enough they did – so I am here to welcome those of you coming our way via MyWestTexas.  I hope you hang around and stop by from time to time.  We are cool, you are cool… lets be friends.

If you are looking for the sleep texting article – here you go.

If you are looking for the article on sleep testing posted in the Austin American-Statesman – here ya go.

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If you just wanted to see a picture of me balding on the homepage of My West Texas… see below.

James on My West Texas.com

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