Front Yard Needs Love Too

Everytime lately when I type the word “front” I got it wrong and type “font”.  Must be the nerdy typography side of me saying… font something already!  FONT IT!  Or something like that.  So this post is going to be a task in itself trying to keep it from getting mixed up. 

So yesterday we talked about the backyard and the plans and things we have going on.  So… I just didn’t want to hear it from the FRONT yard when I got home that all the other yards were talking about blogs and somehow it was made apparent that the backyard at the Cross house was soooo much more important than the front.  Freakin’ yard gossipers. 

The front (I did it again and had to go back and fix it) yard is actually doing pretty awesome as far as greening up.  We scalped it a few weeks ago to get rid of most of the upwards growth and dead grass from the winter.  By doing that we freed it up to get more sun throughout and our yard is starting to shape up nicely.  Remember it is only April, that is what Shala tells me when I complain that it isn’t looking as good as I want.  She’s right. 

See below for a pic of the front yard in all it’s glory.

Front Yard Pictures

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