Trying to Revive That Winter Lawn

Along with all the gardening projects, we have made a joint effort to revive our dead-ass lawn in the back & front yards.  Never having had this problem before, we are feeling our way around when it comes to lawn care.  I have mowed, watered and all that jazz before when I was younger – however now we are in charge (like it or not) of all of it.  Fertilizing, weeding, care in general… hell – this wasn’t in the contract I don’t think.

Our dogs love the fact that they have a big backyard to run and play in all day… but they do their best to murder out any new growth that could possibly fill in spots that they ruined with pee pee.  Damn that was a long sentence.  Perhaps a run on… Imma leave it anyway… I’m a rebel like that. Viva la run on!  So in other words… the backyard has some issues.  Those issues are mainly dead spots the size of a small VW. 

Shala took some time the other day and put seed down and we are doing our best to water it thoroughly, hopin’ that it will take and give some relief to those before mentioned dead spots.  I haven’t noticed a big change yet, but it has only been a week or so.

I really am posting this more to document the look of it, then take the same picture come summer and see if it filled in.  So here goes nothing, and while we are at it… we will point out where some of the new features of the backyard will be located come summer time.  If/When we get started on those projects.

Here are the pics… I will go around the yard as if you were standing under our back porch looking left to right.  Because I am an OCD freak and I want to control everything that goes on around me.  Deal with it.

This is where the Peach tree is in the backyard and some more dead stuff.

You can notice some dead spots here in the backyard to the far left close to the house.  This is one of the areas that was seeded, hopefully it will take.  You can also see that closer to the porch on all sides it has some deadspots as well – come on grass!

Dog House Area of Backyard

As you can see this is where the doghouse & storage is, once again a dead spot near the middle and hugging the porch.  Might be dead because it gets trampled when we BBQ EVERY WEEKEND BENNY!

This is the shop in our backyard.

The shop and the infamous flowerbed that Izzy likes to dig in every single day of her life.  Also the lime tree is tucked in the cornder back there as you can se.  To the right you can see the dead spot that got treated with seed.  That is the spot we are hoping will grown in at least some.

Dead Spot In Our Lawn

An even better shot of the spot that deserves the most attention.  I think it will fill in nicely as summer approaches – but hell if we know what we are doing.  We shall see in a few months.

The Future Pool Area

So this is where we plan on having our oasis area.  Pool, sand, tropical plants and all that junk.  For now it is just sitting and waiting.  Most of it is sanded already, however we would have a load dumped so we could get it in even better shape.  Worried about the big pecan tree droppin’ pecans in our pool though… oh well.  If that our biggest problem, we will be cool I think.

Of course the garden.

Of course the garden area, you probably have seen this somewhere before eh?  This area is about done, once the plants come up.  The grape vines are growing, we talked about making the back area between the house & fence (its behind the grape arbor) into a little area with a table & chair… just a place to relax.

4 thoughts on “Trying to Revive That Winter Lawn”

  1. We’re lookin’ at a lot of work here guys…might you entertain the idea of a sand volleyball court in the backyard instead?? Kind of a beachy bbq theme. Plenty of room. Easy to maintain. I’m just throwin’ that out there.

    Maybe you could run a poll….;)

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  3. @Ghost – I told you… lots of beer & bbq, and I’m sitting in your backyard with a sketchbook. haha

    @Kathy – why don’t you run a poll for us… your the expert! I’m diggin the volleyball court idea though… maybe on next year’s budget 😉

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