Garden Giveaway #2: Fiskars Pruners & Loppers

Day 2… and you are wondering… what do the Double Danger folks have planned for this garden-giveaway-a-thon?  We don’t mess around here, I thought y’all knew?  Guess not.

Today’s giveaway is super cool.  Not only are we STILL giving away stuff, but today we are giving away stuff TWICE!  So in other words, when you comment today, you have DOUBLE the chance of winning as yesterday.  You can thank Fiskars for this one.

No – you didn’t hear me wrong… Fiskars.  The one.  The only.  Fiskars.  We are talking about the orange & black tools you see at Target.  Or the orange tools you see at  the local hardware store…. you know who we are talking about right?  FISKARS!

This giveaway actually has two different tools, pruners &  loppers.  Not just any pruner or lopper – we are talking about Fiskars’ PowerGear Bypass Pruner & the PowerGear Anvil Super Pruner (Lopper).  The pruner is freakin’ award winning (I didn’t even know they had awards for stuff like this)… not just your run of the mill pruner that you are going to end up screwing up, leaving out in the rain, breaking – and never going to use again – these pruners are top of the line!  Check the pics of both below…

Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Pruner

Fiskars PowerGear Anvil Super Pruner

Now we don’t own a pair of the pruners, but we do own a pair of loppers – same variety, just instead of the 15 inch we are giving away – they are the longer ones (20-somethin’ inches)… but they are FANTASTIC.  I am not just saying that because Fiskars has backed our giveaway either, ask ’em, ask anyone on twitter how I raved about mine right after getting them.  I think my tweet was something to the effect of…

“These new Fiskars loppers are so cool, I think they should rebrand them the ‘Cyndi Loppers’!”

I’m dumb… but I’m serious.  I hold lopper parties where everyone comes over and just grabs their loppers and starts gettin’ after the trees and bushes.  Then we move down the block (turning it into a block party) until we’ve lopped the entire neighborhood.  None of that ever happened, but I did dream it one time.  I think.

But if the pruners are anything like the loppers – holy moly, I might just sign up myself and pull my name at “random” to get a pair.

As always, it is crazy easy to enter.  Just post a comment below and you are entered.  Since we are giving away 2 different things today, you will be entered twice.  Now you can’t win both, but you wouldn’t want to win both would you?  I mean you would have too much work to do then, loppin’ & prunin’ all day.

So get after it.  Enter to win, share with your friends and come back again.  I think I just rhymed all that.  **shrugs**  Thanks again to Fiskars for being stellar in regards to giveaways – it’s nice to have some awesome tools to help get people in the garden.  Also it is nice to have some manly tools too, so the guys don’t feel so weird signing up for a set of pink gardening tools.  I will stop now, because you guys need to get to commenting.  Good day & good gardening!  OH – and good luck!

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