Garden Giveaway #6: Fiskars Pruners & Loppers AGAIN!

We did it again.  Somehow we convinced Fiskars that you guys were cool enough to deserve yet another DOUBLE GIVEAWAY – just like the first on they gave away for the Garden Giveaway #2!  In other words, if you didn’t win the first time – here is your chance to redeem yourself!

Just like the first giveaway from Fiskars – we are going to have two winners, 1 for the PowerGear Bypass Pruner & 1 for the PowerGear Anvil Super Pruner (Lopper).  Cool right?!?

Fiskars PowerGear Anvil Super Pruner

We have been fans of Fiskars for a while – in fact I am in love w/ their new Reel Mower – because it is so awesome in that old school green kinda way.  I’m weird.  I know.  But I’m honest.  I could go on and on about the loppers, because they are my favorite tool of all time.  Seriously.  Sometimes I use them in situations when other tools would be much better.  Hammer?  Nah, loppers.  Shovel?  It’s cool, I’ll try my loppers.

We do not have a  pair of the pruners yet, but at the rate we have went through pruners in our life – it is the next logical step to pay top dollar for a nice pair that lasts.  Anyone have a pair of their own?  Care to give your feedback?  If they are anything like the loppers I own – I can already tell it is going to be a love affair.  That sounds strange…  movin’ on.

Just like all the giveaways before, leave a comment and you are entered to win.  Simple.  If you would – pass it on via your blog, between your twitter friends and on your Facebook page – mail a letter if you have to!  We thank Fiskars for once again helping to motivate gardeners everywhere to get out there and DO WORK! 

PS – Don’t forget – there will be a 2 winners, so you have twice the chance of winning some gardening goodies!

Until next time… good luck & good gardening!

35 thoughts on “Garden Giveaway #6: Fiskars Pruners & Loppers AGAIN!”

  1. I love doing yardwork. What a perfect giveaway.

    I’m victoria99999 on twitter and RT your msg.

  2. I have several pruners and trowels planted around my backyard. Perhaps I think that they will sprout and grow me a trowel or pruner bush. In the meantime, unless I figure out where they are buried, a new pair would come in extremely handy.

  3. I’d love either of these. I bet they’d work really well for cutting electrical wires on twit-face’s alarm-o-bile.

  4. With the gardens we have here at the ranch we can never have enough pairs of Fiskars. Wonderful garden products to have on hand, wonderful for a large company to join in on the garden fun you at DoubleDanger have put together in honor of Garden Month! Cheers to you both fun to be a part of the gardening world with you…: )

  5. Gardenergal (Teresa Cansell)

    I love Fiskars tools so much, and I really, really need loppers, but I’d also be happy if I won the bypass pruner! I didn’t realize how much I needed new tools until I tried to prune my crape myrtle over the weekend and had to get out the saw because my old crappy wooden-handled yard-sale loppers just aren’t getting it anymore!

  6. I love gardening and flowers. I have a small backyard but for 5 months of the year it’s my extra outdoor room!
    Tweeting the post @tuinimary

  7. I just found out about your website from a gardening blog I happened on. I’ve always wanted these Fiskars! Every year I buy cheap pruners from the Dollar Store or a “big box store” and I am tired of them. I grow and sell plants/flowers at the farmers market and really need these.
    Thank you for your site! Am I entered????

  8. I suppose this means I didn’t win the spoons. And I was going to say we can’t be friends any more because of that. But you still have a chance to redeem yourself. hint hint.

  9. I just moved back to the south and my new tard has some shrubs and trees that need some pruning. Thanks

  10. I love to lop. Seriously, I lop stuff off all the time and leave it laying around the yard for my husb to pick up. He would LOVE it if you picked me. 🙂

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