Help Us Figure Out What This Plant Is

We moved into this house we live in now in November of last year, so some of the plants that came up this spring have been a suprise.  For the most part they are easy to identify and a Google search usually eases our mind.  However there are these plants coming up in one of our flowerbeds that we have NO CLUE what they are. 

We are hoping that everyone that frequents our blog can help us in trying to figure out what these guys are.  We have a million of them coming up throughout the flowerbed and we would like to know.  What if it is a deadly plant that we are keeping going because they are so green and abundant?  I doubt that is the case, but we just would like to know ok!?

So here is a few pics of the unknown plants… come on gardeners HELP US OUT!

What is this plant?

What is this plant called?

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