Weekends and the reason why we love them…

As you probably notice we usually do not post on the weekend much.  If we do, it usually is a small update or something that doesn’t amount to much.  We apologize for that but honestly on the weekends… other than some stat checking or research of our own – we try to stay “unplugged” if possible.

You know all those great posts & pictures you get all week… weekends are usually when we are doing those things.  We do have a life you know! haha

We love the weekends, as I am sure most of you do as well.  Of course I guess it depends on your job and what type of schedule you normally have.  If you are a fellow eight-to-fiver… then you know what I mean.  We usually spend our time outside, in the yard… gardening, snapping pictures and whipping our house into shape.  Every once in a while we like to BBQ and invite people over, actually enjoy the hard work we have done with friends. 

The reason I say that is it is funny because the majority of our traffic on the weekend find us searching for “weekend activities”.  I don’t mean that term exactly, I mean BBQ ribs, how to plant a lime tree, when to harvest asparagusgrape arbor design – you catchin’ my drift?  People are trying to figure things out and getting online to find the answers.  We are proud to have great content and how-to(s) about a variety of topics and we offer solutions for a lot of things. 

The BBQ Tips & Techniques probably brings in 50% of our traffic come weekend.  Summer is coming fast and with the weather already gettin’ 90 degrees in some parts of the South, people are learning to barbeque for the first time and some getting things going so they can get their Summer barbeque perfect.  Some people (ok, me… that’s who) take barbeque very serious and so spring is a perfect time to try new tricks and establish techniques that come Summer will set you apart from other BBQ.

Gardening definitely catches a high percentage of our weekend traffic as well.  Probably in the 40-50% range on avg.  Some weekends when the weather is nice; people will search for gardening information 70% of the time.  People love to get outside.  They watch a little Saturday morning TV, HGTV, Flip This House… and they get motivated and want to get a plan together.  Searches show up looking for how to trim a tree, how to plant okra… anything & everything.  We are happy to help when it comes to gardening.  We have a great community that is sure to find the answer to any question – and on top of that everyone is nice and helpful by nature (gardeners are just like ok!) so most people if they do not know the answer – will help you find it anyhow.

If you are stopping by to read about something involved in your next backyard project… welcome, I hope you find what you are looking for.  Double Danger is about bringing everything together that we love and others as well and hoping we do it justice in the process.  We don’t know everything, but we don’t claim to either.  We claim to have the ability of organizing information so that others can learn everything we did – but on one single page. 

I hope you will sign up for our RSS Feed if you haven’t already (sign up here).  Our readership is growing, however still not where we would want it.  Help us grow, send a link to anyone that you think might enjoy it – it only takes a minute.  If you have ideas, suggestions or comments you would like to make in terms of what we are doing, how we do it and perhaps something we should do in the future… lay it on us.  We want to hear it.  We want to grow with the community.

Have a wonderful weekend and get ready for the summer where this place is sure to be poppin’.

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  1. Truly one of the best & informative sites I’ve visited … btw, I have asparagus, grape arbor, heirloom tomatoes, the hotest of all peppers, etc., all on one lonely small piece of downtown land!

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