Our Baby Asparagus Pictures

This past weekend we noticed that our asparagus has finally broke ground and in the past 3 days the asparagus has shot up towards the sun quickly.  There are 2-3 that have popped up and one of them is already about 4 inches or so.  Now we learned since planted that you do not harvest asparagus the first year and sometimes not even the second year.  By the third year you have a nice crop of asparagus.

Talk about long-haul.  Damnit.  I like instant gratification.

So if you are wondering…

when do you harvest asparagus from your garden… grab a chair. 

It is going to be a while.  Safely, you will be harvesting your asparagus crop on year 3.

Check the pictures below of our baby asparagus sprouting up, sorry the quality isn’t awesome – camera wouldn’t focus on it.  My apologies to you asparagus lovers.

Asparagus Sprout pictures in backyard garden.

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