Our Baby Asparagus Pictures

This past weekend we noticed that our asparagus has finally broke ground and in the past 3 days the asparagus has shot up towards the sun quickly.  There are 2-3 that have popped up and one of them is already about 4 inches or so.  Now we learned since planted that you do not harvest asparagus the first year and sometimes not even the second year.  By the third year you have a nice crop of asparagus.

Talk about long-haul.  Damnit.  I like instant gratification.

So if you are wondering…

when do you harvest asparagus from your garden… grab a chair. 

It is going to be a while.  Safely, you will be harvesting your asparagus crop on year 3.

Check the pictures below of our baby asparagus sprouting up, sorry the quality isn’t awesome – camera wouldn’t focus on it.  My apologies to you asparagus lovers.

Asparagus Sprout pictures in backyard garden.

4 thoughts on “Our Baby Asparagus Pictures”

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  2. Dear Friend, thanks for sharing. Thanks for sharin ghte pictures and helpful information. I have planted asparagus and other fruits and vegies and don’t know what the heck we are doing. Here is what I do know, we are having a great time, and learning as a family 🙂 It is helpful finding nice folks like you to share. Thanks a million! Best of luck with your asparagus, I will try to stay in touch

  3. I just planted asparagus this year (and rhubarb)–was told because they were dry roots that it would be 2 years instead of 3, but I have questions–the bag said not to harvest shoots before the second year, but so far I have no shoots–will I get them at all this year, or was it your experience that they did not even come up until the third year?
    thx- like your blog.

  4. This is the second year and on April 6, only 4 of our 20 asparagus have broken ground. If I am not supposed to harvest them until Year 3, what am I supposed to do with those delicious-looking shoots that are growing just right? I do snap off the ends occasionally to be sure it is really asparagus and not Rhubarb. It tastes good raw. But, should I have hope for the other 16 Mary Washington’s, or did I plant the wrong kind? How long do I wait before planting another kind and what kind should that be? I continue to get older as I sit in this chair!

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