Letter To Myself (James): 20 Years In The Future

Dear 28 Year Old James,

This is yourself writing.  Except I am 48 now, and I never thought I would make it this far.  Your probably worried about 30 inching in… while I’m worried about 50.  Don’t sweat it.  Your already going bald, you have a beautiful wife that is going to love you anyhow – your overweight, but your working on it.  Kind of.  Just make sure you eat your veggies… your going to be sad you didn’t one day. 

Heart attacks hurt.  And they hurt more than just you.  Think about your family.

Oh yeah… you have a family now.  You didn’t know?  And perhaps waiting until you were 30 wasn’t the best idea considering you are now 48 and barely got done putting the first one out on their own.  Geeez.  Who’s idea was this.  Once again you should have listened to your wife… she was right.  Again.

Don’t sweat the house thing going on now.  It seems like a big deal, but really it all ends up right – due to all the work you and Shala did to get all the numbers right.  It finally “all worked out“.  😉  So good job you two.

Better quit yellin’ at your dogs.  You will be sad when they are gone.

And that job your at, that you work so hard on… you know the big project your working on… the early mornings and long hours… keep it up.  It makes up for it all pretty quick down the road.  “The Google” just might catch wind of what you guys are doing.  That is all I can say.  No really… legally I’m bound to silence. 😉

Kiss your wife more.  It gets outlawed in 2024, and you will be pissed you didn’t get enough in while you can.  It is a long story.

Go ahead and buy a donkey.  Life is too short not to get some of those things you have always wanted.  Here I sit, donkey-less and wishing I would have pulled the trigger.  Oh yeah… and call him “Trigger”, I always wanted that – but you know that.

I know its soooo cliche… but don’t sweat the small stuff.  Sweat the bigger stuff, it makes a lot more sense.  Big stuff always ends up being bigger stuff… small stuff usually stays small.

One last thing back-to-the-future me… SELL OUT.  The only people that bitch and complain about those that sell out, are the ones that never got the chance.  Sell out and never look back.

Hope all is well and you are lovin’ life,

James (But in the future about 20 years)

P.S. – That big ass trailer BBQ pit you wanted… make it happen.  It was a great idea. 😉

For those that do not know where this came from, Mama Kat over at MLI has a weekly assignment to help bloggers with their skills and also help them get out from underneath the dreaded writer’s block.  We do it, because we think it is fun and we like to participate.  Because we are participaters.  Or something.  Actually we think it is a great idea and we wish we thought of it.  😉  If you enjoy it, play along… if not – who cares.

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