Friday Recycle: You Play Too

Here we are… at another weekend.  Primed for some gardening prep I’m sure.  We have some family coming down – so gardening might be at a minimum (at least until Sunday).  No worries – we have done quite a bit of prep already… now we are just waiting for a good date to get started.

Gonna try something new this week that I encourage everyone else to get in and play along.  If you Twitter (tweet us!), then you are probably familiar with #followfriday.  If you don’t Twitter… first off… why not?  Secondly… seriously, why not?  #followfriday is a hash (not that kind) you use on friday’s that people can search and see tons of people to follow.  So you would maybe tweet a list of people you think other people should follow and then tag it with #followfriday.  Then you make new friends and link up to each other and overall – develop a bigger net.

Anyhow – so… what we are going to do is pull up some old articles of ours and new posts from other people’s sites with a quote or two and then link to it.  We will “Recycle” some stuff we have seen, liked or whatever and then everyone else can do the same and we all link up.

Sounds great huh?  Super.  Fantastic.  Epic.  Cool. 


Here we go – you can follow my format…

Some Double Danger Posts We Wanted To Recycle

10 Tips For ORGANIC Ant Control – Deb was talking about fire ants in her compost pile.  After pissing them off, they moved on to her worm bin.  We seriously should use some stimulus money to find a “cure” for ants in terms of gardening.  Thought we would link this, since we had similar problems (however not fire ants) last year and researched it already.

 Letter To Myself (20 Years In The Future) – No real reason to link this other than I think it is something fun to do every once in a while – just write a letter to your future self.  If you can’t think of something to post one day… this is a great idea.  Thanks to Mama Kat for the idea.  She’s clever like that.

Build Your Own Planting Station/Gardening Work Bench – We put this walk-thru together a few weeks ago, but some might not have seen it.  We have used ours every day since building it… it really is handy.  For under 80 bucks… how can you not love it.

Random Plant Update From The Past

Garden Updates: Peppers – Just reminising about last years peppers – and thought we would share… I know a lot of you people are itching like we are to get things outside growing.  Patience is a virtue.  Pfffft.  Patience takes patience.  haha  Check these pretty peppers and man I can still taste them.

Other Stuff We Read This Week & Should Have Shared – But Didn’t

Foliage That Will Piss You Off It Is So Cool – We know Megan @ Nestmaker isn’t all that into blooms… but she is a sucker for some killer foliage.  I saw this on her flickr before she posted this – so technically I’m lying if I told you I read this yet… because I haven’t.  I was going to get the link and talk about the pics I saw and there was this post.  So it got subbed in.  Sue me.  I will read it in a minute… let me finish.

Shibaguyz in Urban Garden Casual – Nice write-up in UGC about the Shibaguyz.  I think it is great that we have outlets like UGC and other e-zines that can show others they can garden too.  The best thing we can do is spread the word.  Congrats!

Someone Helping The Bees – I read every post the first time I saw this (granted there isn’t a ton)… but still – I like bees all of a sudden… I dunno why I hated them for so long growing up and such.  Probably the stings and such.  I have seen the light though.  Enjoy these pics.

Something To Make You Laugh On Friday

The Talk Soup Dog Trance Video – We are Talk Soup people, we eat it up.  I can honestly say I don’t laugh a lot at nonsense, but Talk Soup does the trick for this kid.  This clip in particular from about a month ago was top notch.  Enjoy

Shala is going to post about the Aerogarden today – we took some pics yesterday and so she will share the progress of our lettuce.  Also – looks like NewsWest9 will be gracing the Double Danger home today.  We have been talking about a possible story on gardening in a recession and they are running with it.  So this afternoon they will be coming by to interview me for a story I would be sure they are running this weekend.

Kinda cool.  Always glad to spread the word for the gardening community.

If you want to participate in the Friday Recycle – then just link your post in the box below and pass it on.  We will try and do this on Fridays.  So check back on Friday to link up. 

3 thoughts on “Friday Recycle: You Play Too”

  1. Thanks for the repost! UGC is, indeed, a great resource for gardeners. This week isn’t our recycling pick up… but it is our yard waste pick up… hhhmmm… maybe we’ll pick up on your idea here.

    While we’re talking about great resources… Thank you for putting together so much information on your blog! We’ve gotten some great ideas from you all (and we’re stealing… um… USING them all!!). Also, we love your writing style of not being too stuffy about the whole thing. Hmmmm… maybe an idea coming to mind here… hhmmmm…

    talk to you soon…
    The Shibaguyz

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